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Rubex shock absorber

For New Saturn and HR TITAN Rubex propellers

52.537.00Shock absorber RBX-108 for engines Yamaha 70/115hp
52.537.01Shock absorber RBX-103 for engines Yamaha 115/300hp 2S and 4S and Selva 4S
52.537.02Shock absorber RBX-107 for engines Honda 75hp to 225hp
52.537.03Shock absorber RBX-102 for engines Mercury 75hp to 300hp and Mercruiser
52.537.04Shock absorber RBX-100 for engines Johnson/Evinrude 150/300hp
52.537.05Shock absorber RBX-104 for engines Suzuki DT 150/225hp DF 150/300hp
52.537.06Shock absorber RBX-105 for engines Volvo Penta LEFT
52.537.07Shock absorber RBX-110 for engines Suzuki 70/140hp (2S) 60/70 hp (4S)
52.537.08Shock absorber RBX-106 for engines Johnson/Evinrude 70/140hp (2S) + 40E-TEC + 115E-TEC
52.537.09Shock absorber RBX-109 for engines Johatsu 70/140hp (2S)
52.537.10Shock absorber RBX-127 for engines Yamaha 300/350 (4S)