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WAECO Dometic refrigerator

12/24V universal voltage compressor (CRX series, 3 adjustable speeds). 1 – Double lock system: top and bottom. 2 – Separate, insulated freezer compartment (removable in CRX series). 3 – Blue LED interior lighting, infrared sensor. 4 – Built-in handle. 5 - Easy-to-replace front panel. 6 - Patented lock with two modes, "Locked" and "Vent". 7 – Standard (optional) or flush-mount (optional) installation frame available. Precise temperature setting with NTC sensor (CRX series: setting via Touch-Control panel. Depending on the adjustment, the refrigerator can be used in different modes: fridge, fridge/freezer, freezer up to -8°).

CodeNewArticoloFoto ArticoloVarianteModelCapacity lDoor panelBody frameFrameVAverage consumption W WxDxH mm (without door)*
50.900.07  CR seriesCR80S80SSSatin-finishSS12/2448475x475x64023
50.901.09 CR seriesCR110108SilverSilverSilver12/2450520x505x74528
50.900.09  CR seriesCR110S108SSSatin-finishSS12/2450520x505x74528
50.901.11 CR seriesCR140135SilverSilverSilver12/24/110/22065525x569x80532
50.900.11  CR seriesCR140S135SSSatin-finishSS12/24/110/22065525x569x80532
50.910.03 CRX seriesCRX5048SilverSilverSilver12/2440380x447x53419
50.911.03CRX seriesCRX50 INOX48SSSatin-finishSS12/2440380x447x53419
50.910.05 CRX seriesCRX6564SilverSilverSilver12/2445448x492x52520
50.911.05CRX seriesCRX65 INOX64SSSatin-finishSS12/2445448x492x52520
50.910.07 CRX seriesCRX8080SilverSilverSilver12/2448475x475x64023
50.911.07CRX seriesCRX80 INOX80SSSatin-finishSS12/2448475x475x64023
50.910.09 CRX seriesCRX110108SilverSilverSilver12/2450520x505x74528
50.911.09CRX seriesCRX110 INOX108SSSatin-finishSS12/2450520x505x74528
50.910.11 CRX seriesCRX140135SilverSilverSilver12/24/110/22065525x569x80532
50.911.11CRX seriesCRX140 INOX135SSSatin-finishSS12/24/110/22065525x569x80532
* The door is 50-mm thick. Compatibility WAECO refrigerator with refrigerator ISOTHERM/INDEL: CR40 = CRUISE42; CR50 = CRUISE49; CR65 = CRUISE65; CR80 = CRUISE85; CR110 = CRUISE 130

No 4 - Handle built in the door

N. 6 - Patented lock: "vent" position


50.901.xx / 50.910.xx

CRX 50/65 con smusso