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Underwater LED light for gangplanks, upper sterns and bottoms

Body made of polished AISI 316 stainless steel equipped with CREE LED lights. It can be mounted both above and under water.

CodeFoto ArticoloVLux at 1 mLEDLED colourLED beam angleLumenK - A - B - C - D
13.280.96 12/2467002x3 W White104606000107 mm92 mm50 mm25 mm
13.280.9812/2467002x3 W Blue10130-107 mm92 mm50 mm25 mm
13.281.0012/24134004x3 W White109306000152 mm137 mm50 mm25 mm
13.281.0112/24134004x3 W Blue10260-152 mm137 mm50 mm25 mm
13.281.05 12/24200006x3 W White1014006000195 mm180 mm50 mm25 mm
13.281.0612/24200006x3 W Blue10390-195 mm180 mm50 mm25 mm

13.281.00 13.281.06