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RINA-approved automatic fire extinguishing system

Type-approved by RINA with certification DIP 434505C5/02; powder extinguishers with automatic switch-on system once the glass bulb crashes at 93°, or when activated manually with remote control.Features: 1) cylinder loaded with powder BCF; 2) special double output valve: use to connect several nozzles with a copper pipe; 3) remote operating handle with steel cable; 4) nozzles and 8x10 mm copper pipe. New 2017 version in compliance with ISO 9094 and fitted with pressure switch to be connected to a warning light on the panel (14.185.01/02 or similar) which signals possible pressure drops or system openings. Picture 1 A handle control B joint M10x C on-tank nozzle D vertical tank fitted into the wall or floor E nozzle on engine room Picture 2 A Copper pipe connection and fuel tank nozzle B Copper pipe connection and engine room nozzle C Optional remote electric control cable D remote control metal cable E Automatic thermo-sensitive bulb

CodeMax coverage m3Recommended for areas up to m3Pipe length mn° nozzles

Picture 2