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Ambient strip lights, flexible version

Self-adhesive, waterproof, equipped with end micro-connector allowing to connect them in series and with connection cable with micro-connector..

CodeFoto ArticoloAbsorption mANo of LEDsParametro12SectionLengthVWParametro10LED colorParametro11
13.834.017012 SMD 10x3 mm300 mm123,7  White 
13.834.037012 SMD 10x3 mm300 mm125,2  Blue 
13.834.059015 SMD 10x3 mm500 mm12-  White 
13.834.069015 SMD 10x3 mm500 mm12-  Blue 
13.834.0815030 SMD 10x3 mm1000 mm12-  White 
13.834.0915030 SMD 10x3 mm1000 mm12-  Blue 
13.834.1120045 SMD 10x3 mm1500 mm12-  White 
13.834.1220045 SMD 10x3 mm1500 mm12-  Blue 
"Superbright" LED light

13.834.08 13.834.09