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Fuse holder box with transparent snap cover, made of polycarbonate

Silver-plated phosphor bronze connections. It fit regular lamellar fuses. Admissible voltage: 12/24 volt. Total max amperage of the box: 100 Amps. Max amperage for each fuse: 20 Amps. 2 spare fuse holders on the cover.

CodeFoto ArticoloVarianteFuse housingContacts (-)(-) Common(+) Common
14.183.06Version for standard fuses6611125x85 mm
14.183.12Version for standard fuses121211165x85 mm
14.183.26Version for resettable fuses 14.005.xx or similar (ETA, COOPER, etc.)6611125x85 mm
14.183.32Version for resettable fuses 14.005.xx or similar (ETA, COOPER, etc.)121211165x85 mm
Complete with 6/12 writable stickers to mark the single uses

14.183.06 14.183.12 14.183.12