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Fender covers with elastic head

Made of high-strength heavy-duty synthetic fibers, washable and customizable with the customer's brand, boat name or sponsors' name. In comparison with other light fabric models available on the market, these fenders are made with anti-scratch UV-resistant polypropylene fabric having no side seams for very long duration in time.

CodeFoto Articolo Navy blueTwin Eye Fender - Length cmTwin Eye Fender - Ø cmFenders with thru-line - Length cmFenders with thru-line - Ø cmModelBuoy Fenders Ø cm
33.500.00with elastic head----A128/29
33.500.07with elastic head----A238/40
33.500.08with elastic head----A346/48
33.500.09with elastic head----A453/56
33.500.10with elastic head----A568/72
33.500.12with elastic head64/6819/2053/5819/20F02-
33.500.01with elastic head62/6615/1650/5515/16F1-
33.500.02with elastic head62/6622/2351/5622/23F2-
33.500.03with elastic head74/7821/2363/6821/23F3-
33.500.04with elastic head102/10721/2392/9721/23F4-
33.500.05with elastic head74/7829/3163/6829/31F5-
33.500.06with elastic head106/11229/31--F6-
33.500.17with elastic head101/10737/39--F7-

33.500.01/02/03/04/05/06/12/17 33.500.00/07/08/09/10