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POLYFORM A Series fender and buoy

CodeVarianteModel - cm - in - cm - in
33.600.05BIWhite with blue headA023 92911,50,7
33.600.12BIWhite with blue headA129 11,53714,51,1
33.600.27BIWhite with blue headA239 15,54919,52
33.600.50BIWhite with blue headA347 18,559233,1
33.600.78BIWhite with blue headA455 21,571284,1
33.600.86BIWhite with blue headA570 27,592369
33.600.94BIWhite with blue headA6863411846,515,5
33.600.95BIWhite with blue headA710541,413854,425,5
33.600.05RORedeye with blue headA023 92911,50,7
33.600.12RORedeye with blue headA129 11,53714,51,1
33.600.27RORedeye with blue headA239 15,54919,52
33.600.50RORedeye with blue headA347 18,559233,1
33.600.78RORedeye with blue headA455 21,571284,1
33.600.86RORedeye with blue headA570 27,592369
33.600.94RORedeye with blue headA6863411846,515,5
33.600.95RORedeye with blue headA710541,413854,425,5

Redeye with blue head White with blue head