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Wooden paddles

Glass lacquered polyurethane; very sturdy, fitted with plastic collar; fine finish.

CodeVersionLengthHandle Ø mm
34.458.22Fir with curved blade*2,2 m46
34.458.25Fir with curved blade*2,5 m46
34.455.20Steamed beech2 m46
34.455.22Steamed beech2,2 m46
34.455.25Steamed beech2,5 m46
34.455.30Steamed beech3 m46
34.446.18Mahogany with curved blade1,8 m36
34.446.20Mahogany with curved blade2 m36
34.446.22Mahogany with curved blade2,2 m36
34.446.24Mahogany with curved blade2,45 m36
* It's a true oarsman's paddle