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VENEZIANI Raffaello Antifouling

Copper and carbon-based self polishing antifouling for excellent smoothness. For sailing and motor boats up to 35 m.

65.001.12 light blue10/12 m2/l0.75 l
65.001.22 light blue10/12 m2/l2.5 l
65.001.11 blue10/12 m2/l0.75 l
65.001.21 blue10/12 m2/l2.5 l
65.001.14 grey10/12 m2/l0.75 l
65.001.13 black10/12 m2/l0.75 l
65.001.23 black10/12 m2/l2.5 l
65.001.10 red10/12 m2/l0.75 l
65.001.20 red10/12 m2/l2.5 l
65.001.02 * racing white10/12 m2/l0.75 l
65.001.32 * racing white10/12 m2/l2.5 l
* Also suitable for aluminium and steel.