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FRIEND tiller extension

Adjustable in length in an easy and precise way. It includes two important functions: 1) it is a sturdy tiller that extends with precision - 2) it is a manual self-steering; it has the same function of the handwheel locking the wheel steering. When locked in its place it holds the tiller in the desired position, it can be easily adjusted by turnig the handle and sliding the tiller up to new position. Leaving the handle, “Friend” will lock it in that position. Coming back to traditional stick steering is easy and intuitive: rise it from its bracket to disengage. Useful when needing to leave the tiller when sailing, or when at mooring/anchor to lock the tiller.

CodeHandleExtensible mmBoat L measure

E: size of the maximum and minimum extension of the stick.$L: size of the distance from the hook fixing point (Y) to the hinge fixing point on the rudder stick (X).