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Chain Rainbow marker

Coloured plastic inserts for fitting into chain links. Sold in kits for marking 25 cm of calibrated chain.

CodeFoto ArticoloInsert coloursFor calibrated chain ØNo of inserts
01.500.06BI white6 mm14
01.500.08BI white8 mm10
01.500.10BI white10 mm8
01.500.12BI white12 mm8
01.500.06BL blue6 mm14
01.500.08BL blue8 mm10
01.500.10BL blue10 mm8
01.500.12BL blue12 mm8
01.500.06GI yellow6 mm14
01.500.08GI yellow8 mm10
01.500.10GI yellow10 mm8
01.500.12GI yellow12 mm8
01.500.06RO red6 mm14
01.500.08RO red8 mm10
01.500.10RO red10 mm8
01.500.12RO red12 mm8
01.500.06VE green6 mm14
01.500.08VE green8 mm10
01.500.10VE green10 mm8
01.500.12VE green12 mm8

Rest on the first welded part