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Soft rubber floating key ring

Fitted with brass chain. Convenient and practical, it holds two large keys or three small ones. Logo customized printing.

CodeNewArticoloFoto ArticoloDescription/colorScreen printing
35.825.00 Mixed colors Standard10
35.825.01   WhiteStandard10
35.825.02   BlueStandard10
35.825.03   RedStandard10
35.825.04   YellowStandard10
35.825.05   GreenStandard10
35.825.06   FuchsiaStandard10
35.825.07   OrangeStandard10
35.825.98 *1-color print customized key rings. Add code of printing system 35.825.91 -Customized300
35.825.994-color print customized key rings -Customized200
* 35.825.91 Printing system.

35.825.98 - example of customised key ring with 1-color print 35.825.99 - example of customised key ring with 4-color print