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MARLOW Excel PS12 braid without cover

Ideal for: halyards, sheets, up/downhaul and cascade systems. Characteristics: easy to splice when without cover. It can be spliced as leading rope on more performing ropes. Material: 12-strand pre-stretched polyester.

CodeVarianteØBreaking loadWeight kg/100 m
06.421.04BL Blue4 mm407 kg1,16200
06.421.05BL Blue5 mm662 kg1,89200
06.421.06BL Blue6 mm865 kg2,47200
06.421.04RO Red4 mm407 kg1,16200
06.421.05RO Red5 mm662 kg1,89200
06.421.06RO Red6 mm865 kg2,47200
06.421.05BI White5 mm662 kg1,89200