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Waste water tank with built-in WHALE macerator

Pre-assembled tank with “Whale Gulper toiler” macerator 50.113.xx. The Whale unblockable and non-clog macerator doesn't have impellers. The tank is designed with inlets/outlets to hose connectors in order to avoid threaded connections as much as possible thus preventing bad smell. Equipped with: - inspection trapdoor; - 5-hole pre-drilled flange for level sensor (to order separately); - sockets for fixing hooks 52.195.00 (flat bottom version). Made in compliance with ISO 8099 standards.

CodeFoto ArticoloNet volumevoltMacerator includedMacerator outlet Ø Max length for float
50.143.12100 l1250.113.1238 mm35 cm
50.143.24100 l2450.113.2438 mm35 cm
50.143.62115 l1250.113.1238 mm35 cm
50.143.64115 l2450.113.2438 mm35 cm