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AMPHIBIOUS watertight cases

Watertight cases for mobile phones, i-Pod, i-Phone, GPS, VHF, cameras, etc. Watertight up to 6 m. Compatible with touch screen technology.

KEYSClass 4Class 6Class 7
High waterproofing to allow floating. This is AMPHIBIOUS first class to be really waterproof. Resistant to high water pressures and to short immersions up to 1 m.Waterproof up to 6 m deep. Suitable for immersion.Max waterproofing degree up to 50 m deep. For demanding uses such as underwater activities, spelaeology, canyoning, rafting.
Product able to float at all times.--

CodeFoto ArticoloDescriptionColor
23.500.01Phone holder13x8,5 cm White64
23.500.02iPhone holder15x8 cm White64
23.500.03VHF Holder28x11,5 cm White64
23.500.04Folding Phone, GPS, PDA holder21,5x10,5 cm White64
23.500.06iPod holder with anti shock compartment and arm strap11x8 cm White64
23.500.07Waterproof headphones- cm White6-
23.500.08Universal camera case with inflatable antishock feature11x5x7x2 cm White64
23.500.10Case for cameras with zoom up to 35mm, with inflatable antishock feature13,5x10x3,5 cm White64
23.500.21Universal holder Watertight to 50 m9x21 cm White74
23.500.11Tablet and iPad housing with audio output cm Grey64

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23.500.01/02 23.500.06 23.500.03