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“Snap Caps”

Genuine USA washers, fitted with snap-on caps; made of UV resistant polypropylene , stabilized, guaranteed, high-quality finish, watertight and anti-corrosive; for self-tapping into wood or metal.

CodeEdging colorFor screw Ø
37.340.01white3,5-4,2 mm1000
37.341.01white4,8-6 mm1000
37.340.04light gray3,5-4,2 mm1000
37.341.04light gray4,8-6 mm1000
37.340.02black3,5-4,2 mm1000
37.341.02black4,8-6 mm1000
37.340.03teak3,5-4,2 mm1000
37.341.03teak4,8-6 mm1000