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GLOMEX V8001 Pandora - 12/24 V TV antenna

Pandora is a TV satellite antenna developed to offer the best quality/price ratio without renouncing to high performance. With compact dimensions (420-mm/16" Ø and 450-mm/18" high) and low energy consumption (12 VDC 1.5 A/h,) it is ideal choice for watching TV on board because it offers the best combination of compact size and performance. Pandora is a gyro-stabilized antenna equipped with HPD (High Performance Dish) parabolic dish and innovative software for signal tracking enabling the compensation of quality losses due to the increasing number of satellites on the terrestrial orbit and transmissions on the same frequencies. Easy to install thanks to a single coaxial cable (SCC) connecting the antenna directly to the TV-set. With its 3 preloaded satellites (ASTRA1, ASTRA2, HOTBIRD) easy selectable on the control unit, Pandora can be updated by means of the slot SD card by downloading new satellites or free software updates from the website