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AQUATECH 4-valve fresh water pump

It can run dry without getting damaged, no vibrations, very quiet. Internal bypass that protects the pump from overpressure and prevents pulsations with semi-open taps. Permanent magnet engine with self-lubricating shaft. Equipped with 4 snap connectors with 16-mm hose connector and 1/2" thread.

CodevoltFlow l/minConsumptionMax barFilter - OPTIONAL
16.544.011212,57 A2,4227x114x104 mm16.544.10
16.544.0424175 A2,4248x114x104 mm16.544.10
16.544.20 Pressure gauge with head for 16.544.01/04 16.544.23 Snap connector Ø 16 at 90° 16.544.24 Snap connector 1/2'' straight 16.544.25 Snap connector 1/2'' at 90° 16.544.26 Snap connector Ø 13 straight 16.544.27 Snap connector Ø 13 at 90°

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