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EXIDE Premium Dual Purpose batteries (engine start and domestic system use)

+30% starting power over a standard battery. Increase of the battery duration in working conditions at high temperature. Double thermowelded cover sealed for maximum safety. Visual hydrometer to monitor the electrolyte and the charge level. Exide-patented labyrinth system allowing the reflow of acid particles thus avoiding leaks. Maintenance-free. It can be inclined up to 60°. Higher capacity storage thanks to the use of thicker plates. Higher corrosion resistance thanks to the use of expanded metal grids (Exmet) and Lead-Calcium alloys.

CodeNewArticoloA·hCapacity storage (min)Peak A -18° (EN)W/hVModelPole (+) - Length - Width - Height
12.404.01538554015812EA530DX207 mm175 mm190 mm13,4
12.404.026410664019112EA640DX242 mm175 mm190 mm15,6
12.404.037713076023012EA770DX278 mm175 mm190 mm19,1
12.404.05 10519085031512EF1050DX313 mm175 mm205 mm24,4