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LABCRAFT Orizon LED strip lights

Transparent polycarbonate light bars with Cree Superflux high-efficiency and low-consumption LEDs. Mounting by means of 2 screw or self-adhesive tape. Ultra-reduced section (18 x 11 mm). 100% watertight since all parts are inside the polycarbonate extruded body.

CodeNewArticoloVWLumenLengthSectionNo of LEDsLED beam angleLED colourK
13.843.03123320272 mm18x11 mm12115° White6100-6900
13.843.04243320272 mm18x11 mm12115° White6100-6900
13.843.01 126640522 mm18x11 mm24115° White2000-3000
13.843.02 246640522 mm18x11 mm24115° White2000-3000
13.843.05 121212801022 mm18x11 mm48115° White2000-3000
13.843.06 241212801022 mm18x11 mm48115° White2000-3000
Orizon lights are made in England.