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SUNWARE® solar panels

Made with high-performance (16-18% guaranteed performance) aerospace crystal solar cells. The panel consists in a 1-mm thick stainless steel support coated with white epoxy resin, upon which are laid the solar cells. All this is embedded in a special UV-resistant transparent resin called NOWFLON. This coating is ultra-resistant, anti-skid and permanent. The panels can be walked upon and are slightly flexible (max 3%) in order to follow the curve of the deck. The total thickness is 5 mm, and the panels can be screwed or glued as the NOWFLOW is pretreated on the back for polyurethane adhesives.

CodeFoto Articolo mmMax nominal power WAverage yield watt/dayVMounting
A: Mounting with 4 screws or with adhesive; B: mounting with SIDE-CLIPS or adhesive (pair of side-clips included with 12.030.03/04)

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