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Quick SBC-NRG battery charger

- Three-phase IUoU charge - Multiple outlets to charge several battery groups (internal mosfet charge distribution frame) - Differentiated charge for open and sealed liquid electrolyte batteries, GEL or AGM - Outlet fuses built into the battery charger (one for each outlet) - Protection against battery overheating (with optional sensors) - Possibility to use the battery charger as power supply without batteries - Universal AC net input (Hi-Power excluded) - Compatibility with any kind of generator - Protections: output short circuit, overcharge, output overvoltage, overheating - Operation within a wide range of room temperatures - Cooling fans variable speed - User’s interface including backlit alphanumeric LCD display and 3 keys - Automatic and manual reduced power mode - CAN BUS interface for data transfer - Possible parallel connection of up to three battery chargers (Medium 700 - 1100 and Hi-Power).

CodeNewArticoloV - inputV - Charge voltage*V - FLOAT voltageHertzMax charge AmpsOutputsRemote panel controlCurrent sharingWorking temperature
14.292.40 83/26414,1/14,413,4/13,845/66403243x377x116 mmyesno-15° +70°
14.292.50 83/26414,1/14,413,4/13,845/66603243x479x116 mmyesyes-15° +70°
14.292.54161/26414,1/14,413,4/13,845/661003243x557x116 mmyesyes-15° +70°
14.292.55 83/26414,1/14,413,4/13,845/66803243x479x116 mmyesyes-15° +70°
14.292.56 83/26428,2/28,826,8/27,645/66303243x479x116 mmyesyes-15° +70°
14.292.57 161/26428,2/28,826,8/27,645/66603243x557x116 mmyesyes-15° +70°
14.292.58 161/26428,2/28,826,8/27,645/66803243x557x116 mmyesyes-15° +70°
14.292.59161/26428,2/28,826,8/27,645/661003243x557x116 mmyesyes-15° +70°
* The voltage depends on the type of battery: open EL / sealed / GEL - AGM