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TRAVEL BOX portable fridges ISOTHERM

Portable fridge/freezer designed for outdoor use and to withstand shocks. Universal 12/24 DC - 110/220 AC supply. Fitted with thermostat and completely made of stainless materials.

CodeTypeVolumeCurrent draw* (W/24h) (HxLxP)Secop compressor type
50.832.32TB 31 AC/DC30 l220 - 740380x585x350 mmBD35F18
50.832.42TB 41 AC/DC40 l250 - 790445x585x350 mmBD35F21
50.831.07TB 51 AC/DC50 l240 - 770530x585x350 mmBD35F23
* Energy consumption when operating at 12V, +5°Cin the refrigerating compartment, +25°C room temperature