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Anchor Rode Set: line, chain, connector and anchor

The easy solution for anchor lines to suit a wide range of installations and requirements. Each set is delivered "ready to go" in a dedicated package. The spliced mooring line is fitted with a chain link suitable to the chain.

CodeFoto ArticoloAnchor typeAnchor kgChain ØChain lengthChain linkLine lengthLine ØAnchor-chain connector mmAnchor-chainconnectorHulls with winchRecommended for hulls up to (approx.) m
01.700.01Grapnel46 mm5Genovese3510 mm8Galvanized shackleNo4-6
01.700.02Grapnel66 mm10Genovese3510 mm8Galvanized shackleNo5-7
01.700.03Grapnel87 mm10Genovese3512 mm10Galvanized shackleNo6-8
01.710.01Hall4,26 mm5Genovese3510 mm8Galvanized shackleNo4-6
01.710.02Hall6,26 mm10Genovese3510 mm8Galvanized shackleNo5-7
01.710.03Hall8,87 mm10Genovese3512 mm10Galvanized shackleNo6-8
01.800.01Trefoil7,56 mm25Sized3512 mm8Swivelling jointYes5-7
01.800.02Trefoil106 mm25Sized3512 mm8Swivelling jointYes6-8
01.800.03Trefoil138 mm25Sized3514 mm8Swivelling jointYes7-10

01.700.xx 01.800.xx 01.710.xx