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LENCO Tactile Switch control panels

Panel + watertight control box with Deutsch Connectors outlets. Plug&Play wiring and Retractor function to retract the flaps when disconnected from the power supply. 92-cm power cables. LED version with switching up every 5-mm move.

CodeNewArticoloFoto ArticoloLENCO codeVersionVLED
51.256.01 15069-001Standard12No7x7 cm
51.256.03 15071-001Kit for double piston12/24Yes7x7 cm
51.256.12 *15170-001Kit for single piston12/24Yes7x7 cm
51.256.13 *15171-001Kit for double piston12/24Yes7x7 cm
For OPTIONAL extension cables see 51.259.xx. * Version with control box integrated in the panel.

51.256.03/12/13 51.256.01