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LENCO AutoglideTM automatic trim tab control device

This device automatically adjusts your trim tabs via a built-in GPS system + 3 gyroscopes + 3 accelerometers depending on the sea conditions. Three working modes: 1) Drive in harbour: it prevents or minimizes the movement of flaps. 2) Gliding: it lowers the tabs while gliding and then retracts them when the boat has reached its trim. 3) Navigation: it automatically adjusts the flaps depending on the rolling and pitching angles, keeping the boat in its best trim according to sea conditions. It can also save 2 manually-set trims. Version A: supplied with GPS receiver/antenna and NMEA 2000 Network. Version B: supplied without receiver/antenna and NMEA 2000 Network. It can be connected to an existing GPS antenna and NMEA 2000 network.

CodeNewArticoloDescriptionLENCO codeFor systemsVersionV
51.265.01 Complete kit15500-101single cylinder systemsA12/24
51.265.02 Complete kit15501-101double cylinder systemsA12/24
51.265.11Complete kit15504-101single cylinder systemsB12/24
51.265.12Complete kit15505-101double cylinder systemsB12/24
The kit includes what’s necessary for installation ( keyboard, control box, cables, GPS antenna, adapters, etc.)