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VICTRON Phoenix inverter, pure sine wave

Designed for professional applications, they use the Sinumax technology ensuring the power needed but with reduced weight and size. Sinumax is also compatible with the power peaks that some systems require at starting (refrigerators, electrical motors, and similar) while traditional ‘switching’ inverters do not streamline these peaks. Technical characteristics: aluminium frame, forced ventilation with temperature sensors. Optional multi-function remote control. Protection devices to prevent short circuit, overload, too high or too low battery voltage (alarm), polarity inversion, recovery voltage on output, harmonics on supply, high temperature.

CodeNewArticoloVTypeV - DC inlet VV - AC outlet VHzRange W - ContinuousRange W - PeakEfficiency %
14.270.09 12C 16009,5 - 17230 ±3%501600300093375x214x110 mm10
14.270.10 24C 160019 - 33230 ±3%501600300093375x214x110 mm10
14.270.11 12C 20009,5 - 17230 ±3%502000400094520x255x125 mm13
14.270.12 24C 200019 - 33230 ±3%502000400094520x255x125 mm13
14.270.1424300019 - 33230 ±3%503000600094362x258x218 mm18
14.270.1524500019 - 33230 ±3%5050001000094444x328x240 mm30
14.270.35 Remote control -Requires RJ45 cable 14.270.30 Battery alarm panel, audio/visual alarm for high/low voltage 14.270.39 Connection kit for Victron port and USB port 14.270.40 Modem to transfer VICTRON data via SMS to a laptop 14.270.47 7 m RJ45 Cable 14.100.06 Battery monitor

14.270.35 14.270.30