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VICTRON MULTIPLUS battery charger + inverter combo system

This system combines a pure sine wave inverter and a sophisticated battery charger using adjustable recharge technology. Compatible with lithium batteries. Two AC outlets. In case of power shortage from the dock or from the generator, the system continuously feeds what's connected. The second outlet is available in case of AC source, only. The devices, such as boilers, which might run the battery down should be connected to this output. Parallel + three-phase function. Up to 6 units can be connected in parallel. For the three-phase current, 3 units of the same kind can be connected. Up to 6 series of 3 units each can be connected in parallel. Power control: the very powerful multiplus device can absorb a lot of power from the dock or the generator. By means of the multicontrol panel (14.270.32), the absorbed power can be monitored and a maximum limit can be set. Depending on the limit set, the multiplus device will only use the remaining energy to charge the batteries. Power assist: in case a power peak is required for a short period, the multiplus device will offset the power shortage drawing energy from the battery. The micro-processor operated battery charger is fitted with a 4-stage bulk-absorption-float-storage charge system similar to the Phoenix/Skylla battery chargers. - Aluminium body - Protection devices against short circuit, overcharge, too low or too high battery, high ripple frequency, etc.

CodeNewArticoloFoto ArticoloTypeDC supply VInverter Power WOutlet VBattery charge current ANo of outlets
14.268.0012/500/20-169,5 - 17500230VDC ± 2%20+11+1*311x182x100 mm4,4
14.268.01  C12/800/359,5 - 17800230VDC ± 2%35+41+1*375x214x110 mm10
14.268.02  C12/1200/509,5 - 171200230VDC ± 2%50+41+1*375x214x110 mms
14.268.03 C12/1600/709,5 - 171600230VDC ± 2%70+41+1*375x214x110 mm10
14.268.06 C24/1600/4019 - 331600230VDC ± 2%40+41+1*375x214x110 mm10
14.268.07C12/2000/809,5 - 172000230VDC ± 2%80+41+1*520x255x125 mm12
14.268.09C24/2000/5019 - 332000230VDC ± 2%50+41+1*520x255x125 mm12
14.268.18 **24/3000/70-5019 - 333000230VDC ± 2%70+41+1*362x258x218 mm18
* 1/4A second outlet for starter battery maintenance. ** 50A max commutable AC. 14.270.28 VE-Direct --> USB interface for computer connection (only for 14.268.00). 14.270.39 VE-Bus --> USB interface for computer connection. 14.270.32 Digital Multicontrol. Control panel for both inverter and battery charger. Inlet current management when switching from dock to generator. Triphase devices or devices in parallel can be managed. VE-BUS remote systems can be configured. RJ45 cord required. 14.270.47 RJ45 7-m cord to complete 14.270.39. 14.100.06 Battery monitor.

14.268.18 14.270.32 14.100.06