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EXIDE Agm batteries for services and starting

No maintenance: thanks to the gas recombination technology. Starting power: higher starting power even in extreme conditions. Longer duration: 3 times the life cycle of a standard lead/free acid battery (in compliance with the EN 50342-1 CCA tests). Vibration resistance: excellent resistance to vibration (V3 level in compliance with the EN 50342-1 CCA tests). Safety: 100% sealed battery avoiding acid leaks when the battery is turned upside down. The battery is absolutely airtight thanks to the VRLA safety system. Easy to install: easy to transport and install even in vertical position.

CodeFoto ArticoloA·hReserve capacity (min)Peak A/-18° (EN)W·hVModelPole (+) - Length - Width - Height
12.412.0210020572090012EP900LEFT conical+threaded330 mm173 mm240 mm32
12.412.03140300700120012EP1200LEFT513 mm189 mm223 mm45
12.412.05 2405501200210012EP2100LEFT518 mm279 mm240 mm72

12.412.02 12.412.03/04