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"Easy Fender" Fender basket

Polished AISI 316 stainless steel. It can be combined in series to contain more fenders.

CodeDescriptionØLength - ALength - B
33.208.01Basket17 cm42,5 cm32 cm
33.208.02Basket19,5 cm42,5 cm32 cm
33.208.03Basket21.5 cm42,5 cm32 cm
33.208.04Basket23 cm42,5 cm32 cm
33.208.05Basket26 cm55 cm42 cm
33.208.10 Plate to connect the baskets 33.208.11 Clamp to fix the baskets to the pulpit, for 22/30-mm tubes

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33.208.10 33.208.11