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Waterproofs with self inflating lifejacket and harness

Innovative technical product combining 3 accessories in one article, certified ISO 12402-3. Waterproofs: made with breathable fabric, waterproof with seam tape, light pile fabric lining, removable sleeves, reflective tape on the shoulders. Self-inflating life jacket: embedded in the jacket, 150-Newton thrust. Safety harness: sewn inside the jacket. High trousers: reinforced knees and back, elastic braces, adjustable waist, velcro adjustable ankles.

CodeFoto ArticoloVarianteSizeKgColorBottle + life jacket spare valve
24.250.01Jacket codeS40/60 Red22.398.14
24.250.02Jacket codeM50/70 Red22.398.14
24.250.03Jacket codeLOver 60 Red22.398.14
24.250.04Jacket codeXLOver 75 Red22.398.14
24.251.01Trousers codeS40/60 Red22.398.14
24.251.02Trousers codeM50/70 Red22.398.14
24.251.03Trousers codeLOver 60 Red22.398.14
24.251.04Trousers codeXLOver 75 Red22.398.14

24.250.01/02/03/04 24.250.01/02/03/04 24.251.01/02/03/04