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Manually- and automatically-operated condensated aerosol extinguishing systems

Perfect replacement of the Halon products, it has a double action, chemical and physical, that suppresses the fire without consuming oxygen in the room. With comparison to powder products, aerosol doesn’t damage either mechanical or electronic equipment and its residues are easily removed. Non-toxic for people and animals, eco-compatible. Automatic operation by means of a thermo-sensible cable to be mounted in the engine housing (to be bought separately) or by means of an electric control on the panel. Compact dimensions in comparison with other fire extinguishers. No need of bottles or nozzles. No scheduled maintenance. Aerosol tested life: 20 years. RINA type-tested, type-testing No FPE273305C5/003.

CodeDescriptionLoadSaturation coverage - m3 net in case of box without aerationSaturation coverage - recommended m3 net in case of open air-inlets GeneratorThermosensitive cable sold in linear metres OPTIONALActivation
31.534.15500g generator provided with 10m electrical cable + mounting bracket + electrical gearcase500 g158Ø 167 - h 2395.5031.534.90electric/automatic
31.534.30 *additional generator to be matched to 31.534.15.1000 g30162 x Ø 167 - h 2391131.534.90electric/automatic
* The data on the table refer to 31.534.15 + 31.534.30. ** UL- and FM-certified thermosensible cable. Optimum installation temperature: -40° to +66°. Alarm temperature: 88°.