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Epoxy resins

SX8 low-viscosity epoxy system for manual and vacuum rolling, and drawing. Ideal to improve wettability of wood fibres, glass, carbon and aramid fibers. Once hardened, it features excellent mechanical and stretching characteristics. Medium and fast hardening version with possibility to absorb cellulose microfibers and glass microsphere to obtain plaster, fillers and curved parts. Weigh the components and mix them or buy a controlled-tapping pump.

CodeResinHardenerKind of hardenerWorkability 20°Hardening 20°ViscosityStretchingTo be used onOPTIONAL KIT OF tapping pumps (No 2)
65.531.011 kg0,3 kgrapid9 - 14 min2 - 4 h250 - 350 mPas5-7%glass- wood - carbon65.531.20
65.531.021 kg0,3 kgmedium40 - 50 min6 - 8 h200 - 300 mPas6-8%glass- wood - carbon65.531.20
65.531.055 kg1,5 kgmedium40 - 50 min6 - 8 h200 - 300 mPas6-8%glass- wood - carbon-