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Marine heat-shrink covering

White polyethylene heat-shrink film. Special additive for UV-ray resistance. Ideal covering to protect whatever boat from dirt, minor impacts, high temperature, etc. during laying up/transport. Easy application by spreading the product from bow to stern and heating it up with heat guns.

CodeFilm widthRoll lengthRoll heightThicknessApproximate weigthBending
46.176.066 m65 m1,5 m0,276,6bellows-bending
46.176.088 m50 m1 m0,277,7multiple bending
46.176.1010 m50 m1,25 m0,297,1multiple bending
46.176.1212 m50 m1,5 m0,2116,5multiple bending
46.176.1414 m50 m1,75 m0,2135,9multiple bending
46.176.1616 m50 m2 m0,18140,1multiple bending