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Stanchion for female bases

Made of mirror-polished AISI316 stainless steel, 25-mm Ø, stainless steel head, central hole with stainless steel pipe.

CodeFoto ArticoloØABCF1 ØF2 Ø
41.174.3925 mm465 mm455 mm197 mm10,4 mm10,8 mm
41.174.4025 mm625 mm614 mm315 mm10,2 mm10,2 mm
41.174.4125 mm715 mm705 mm350 mm10,2 mm10,2 mm
41.175.0125 mm465 mm454 mm200 mm10,2 mm10,2 mm
41.175.0225 mm620 mm610 mm310 mm10,4 mm10 mm
41.175.0325 mm725 mm715 mm362 mm10,4 mm10,4 mm

41.174.xx 41.175.xx