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ITALWINCH OBI500/700 windlass (Gypsy Only) and OBI1000/1500 windlass (Gypsy Drum)

Anodized aluminium body. Chromed brass gypsy. Built-in chain counter sensor and line tensioner. Solenoid and friction release lever included.

CodeFoto ArticoloTypeMotor - VMotor - WCurrent drawChain gypsyMax pullWorking load
02.408.01Obi5001250060 A6 mm270 kg90 kg8,2
02.408.02Obi5001270090 A6 mm300 kg100 kg8,8
02.408.03Obi5001270090 A8 mm300 kg100 kg8,8
02.408.05Obi1000121000115 A8 mm420 kg130 kg17,3
02.408.07Obi100024100060 A8 mm420 kg140 kg17,3
02.408.08Obi1500121500130 A8 mm450 kg150 kg17,6
02.408.09Obi1500121500130 A10* mm450 kg150 kg17,6
02.408.10Obi150024150070 A8 mm480 kg160 kg17,6
02.408.11Obi150024150070 A10* mm480 kg160 kg17,6
* 10 mm ISO standard, for 10-mm DIN766 chain, please order gypsy.

02.408.04/05/06/07/08/09/10/11 02.408.01/02/03