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ENECOM flexible solar panels

Built with high-performance aerospace solar cells. Latest generation ultrathin and ultraflexible panels (1.7 mm). 17.25% mono-crystalline cell efficiency. The panel is a sandwich construction made up of a plastic support + solar cell + UV-resistant epoxy resin surface coating. The panels can be walked on barefoot provided that they adhere completely to a 100% rigid surface. Installation by means of double-sided tape. Connection cable with plug, included. Version A): mono-crystalline panels. Version B): equipped with Sun Power top-efficiency cells. This results in more compact dimensions and 23% higher efficiency over standard cells.

CodeNewArticoloFoto ArticoloMax power (Wp)ThicknessVCableVersion
12.034.01 201,7 mm1270 cm620x2720,5A
12.034.02 401,7 mm12100 cm604x5360,8A
12.034.03 401,7 mm12100 cm1120x2820,8A
12.034.04 651,7 mm12100 cm1370x3441,2A
12.034.05 801,7 mm12100 cm1104x5361,3A
12.034.06 1351,7 mm12100 cm1350x6602,5A
12.034.07901,7 mm12100 cm977x5461,5B
12.034.081201,7 mm12100 cm1230x5461,8B

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12.034.04 (A) 12.034.05 (A) 12.034.06 (A)

12.034.03 (A)

12.034.02 (A)

12.034.01 (A)

12.034.07 (B)

12.034.08 (B)