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VHF RAYMARINE Ray260 radio, fixed mounting

Modular VHF radio with DSC, and optional AIS comprised of a watertight handset similar to a mobile phone, a loud speaker for internal and external use and a BLACK BOX transceiver which can be installed in any position. Adding a second station (handset plus loud speaker) is possible completing the VHF DSC functionality on both the handsets and adding an intercom feature.

29.717.10RAY260E fixed VHF (DSC class D)Black box + DSC receiver with cable and bracket + 5-m extension cable + passive loudspeaker
29.717.12RAY-MIC260 second station kit with 10-m cableDSC receiver with cable and bracket + 10-m extension cable + passive loudspeaker
29.717.13RAY-MIC260 10-m extension cable Extension cable for loudspeaker and receiver
29.717.14Active loudspeakerOPTIONAL adjustable volume while the volume of the passive loudspeaker can only be adjusted on the receiver