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NAVIMAP Coastal Charts 1:250,000 for medium range navigation

47.7x69.7-cm size. The charts are have SIDE 1 + SIDE 2.

CodeMap - SIDE 1Area - SIDE 1Map - SIDE 2Area - SIDE 2Scale
70.251.01FR104From Cavalaire sur Mer to AlbengaIT101From Imperia to Marina di Carrara 250.000
70.251.02IT102From La Spezia to Piombino, Capo Corso, Bastia and Tuscan IslesIT103From Piombino to Cala Galera, Campoloro and Capo Corso 250.000
70.251.03IT104From Porto S. Stefano to Fiumicino FiumaraIT105From Capo Linaro to Capo Circeo 250.000
70.251.04IT106From Capo d'Anzio to Punta CampanellaIT107From Capo Miseno to Sapri250.000
70.251.05IT108From Capo Palinuro to Capo Vaticano with Stromboli and PanareaIT109From Capo Suvero to R. Calabria, from Capo Suvero to Capo d'Orlando with Eolie Isles250.000
70.251.06IT110From Capo Calavà to Isola delle Femmine IT111From Palermo to From Termini Imerese to Trapani with Favignana and Levanzo250.000
70.251.07IT112From Porta del Saraceno to C. Granitolo with Egadi Isles and PantelleriaIT113From Mazara del Vallo to Porto Empedocle with Pantelleria250.000
70.251.08IT114From Licata to Avola and Capo PasseroIT115From Gioia Tauro to Bovalino M. with Siracuse and Milazzo250.000
70.251.09MT101From Licata to Marzamemi, Malta Island and GozoP6S101Details of MT101 and pilot's book250.000
70.251.10IT118From C.Testa to G.Orosei with Bonifacio and G.S. Gulia (Corsica)IT119From Arbatax to Cagliari 250.000
70.251.11IT120From Capo Ferrato to Capo Percora IT121From Porto Vesme to Capo Caccia with I.S.Pietro and I. Mal di V.250.000
70.251.12IT122From Alghero to Punta Sardegna with Vecchio and AjaccioIT123From Propriano to Capo Corso250.000
70.251.13IT124From P.S. Stefano to Cala Gal. with Vecchio and CampoloroIT125From I.Rossa to Olbia with Campoloro and Propriano250.000
70.251.14IT126From Capo Spartivento to Crotone IT127From Capo Colonne to Campomarino di Maruggio250.000
70.251.15IT128From Sibari to Capo Santa Maria di Leuca IT129From P.Cesareo to Casalabate with Valona, Fano and Corfù250.000
70.251.16IT130From Casalabate to BariIT131From Mola di Bari to Rodi Garganico250.000
70.251.17IT136From Cervia to Chioggia with Rovigno and RabacIT137From Punta della Maestra to Pola250.000

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