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NAVIMAP Coastal Charts 1:100.000

47.7x69.7-cm size. The charts are made up of SIDE 1 & SIDE 2

CodeNewArticoloMap - SIDE 1Area - Side 1Map - SIDE 2Area - SIDE 2Scale
70.101.01 FR207From Cap Camarat to AntibesFR208From Canne to San Remo100.000
70.101.02 FR209From Solenzara to Bonifacio with Cavallo Isle, Lavezzi, RazzoliFR210From Rossa Isle to S.Teresa di Gallura with Bonifacio, Lavezzi, Cavallo100.000
70.101.03 IT201From San Remo to Capo di Noli IT202From Capo di Noli to S. Margherita Ligure 100.000
70.101.04 IT203From Portofino to La Spezia with Palmaria IsleIT204From F. Magra to Livorno with Palmaria and Gorgona Isles100.000
70.101.05 IT205From Livorno to Porto BarattiIT206From Piombino to Punta Ala with Elba and Pianosa Isles100.000
70.101.06 IT207From Punta Ala to Cala Galera with Giglio Isle and Giannutri IsleIT208From Porto Ercole to Capo Linaro with Giannutri Isle100.000
70.101.07 IT209From Riva di Traiano to Fiumicino IT210From Fiumicino to Nettuno 100.000
70.101.08 IT211From Anzio to S. Felice Circeo with Ponza, Zannone and Palmarola IT212From S. Felice Circeo to Formia with Ponza, Zannone and Palmarola100.000
70.101.09 IT213Pontine Islands with Palmarola Isle and Ventotene IsleP4S213Pilot's book with details of the coast100.000
70.101.10 IT214From Gaeta to Baia with Ischia Isle and Procida Isle IT215From the mouth of the River Volturno to Monte di Procida with Ischia and Procida Isles 100.000
70.101.11 IT216From Monte di Procida to Punta Campanella with Ischia, Procida, CapriIT217From Castellammare di Stabia to Agropoli 100.000
70.101.12 IT218From S. Marco di Castellabate to M. di CamerotaIT219From Capo Palinuro to Scalea 100.000
70.101.13 IT220From Diamante to AmanteaIT221From Amantea to Capo Vaticano100.000
70.101.14 IT222From Tropea to Villa S. Giovanni with Messina and Capo RasocolmoIT223From Capo Rasocolmo to Capo d'Orlando with Vulcano and Lipari Isles100.000
70.101.15 IT224From Capo d’Orlando to CefalùIT225From Cefalù to Capo Gallo100.000
70.101.16 IT226Vulcano, Lipari, Salina, Panarea and Stromboli IT227Vulcano, Lipari, Salina, Filicudi and Alicudi Isles100.000
70.101.17 IT229From Terrasini to TrapaniIT230From Capo Gallo to Punta Raisi with Ustica Isle100.000
70.101.18 IT231From Castellammare del Golfo to Trapani with Levanzo IT232From Trapani to Marsala con Grande, Favignana and Marettimo Isles100.000
70.101.19 IT234From Marsala to SciaccaIT235From Capo S. Marco to Punta Bianca100.000
70.101.46IT236From Punta Tenna to Capo ScalambriIT238From Capo Scalambri to the River Calabernardo100.000
70.101.47IT241From Augusta to RipostoIT242From Riposto to Messina and from Reggio Calabria to Sal. Ioniche100.000
70.101.48IT257Reggio Calabria - Bovallino MarinaIT258Bovallino Marina - Punta Stilo100.000
70.101.20 IT243From Santa Teresa di Gallura to Porto Cervo with Porto Vecchio and BonifacioIT244From Palau to Olbia and nearby islands100.000
70.101.21 IT245From Golfo Aranci to Capo Comino with TavolaraIT246From Cala Ginepro to Arbatax100.000
70.101.22 IT247From Punta Su Mastixi to Capo Ferrato IT248From Capo Ferrato to Capo di Pula with Serpentara and Cavoli Isles 100.000
70.101.23 IT249From Porto Foxi to S. Antioco IT250From C. Piombo to C.Pecora with S. Pietro and S.Antioco Isles100.000
70.101.24 IT251From Capo Pecora to Capo S. Marco with Il CatalanoIT252From Oristano Harbour to Capo Marargiu with Il Catalano100.000
70.101.25 IT253From C.Ittiri to P.TorresIT254C.Mannu with Rossa and Asinara Isles 100.000
70.101.26 IT255From G.Arzach to Francesi with S.Manza and P.Roccap.IT256From Rossa Isle to S. T. Gallura with Bonifacio and Lavezzi 100.000
70.101.27 IT259From Soverato to Capo CimitiIT260From Capo Colonne to Punta Fiume Nicà100.000
70.101.28 IT261From Punta Alice to Laghi di SibariIT262From Capo Trionto to the mouth of the River Sinni100.000
70.101.29 IT263From the mouth of the River Sinni to TarantoIT264From Taranto to Porto Cesareo100.000
70.101.30 IT265From Porto Cesareo to Capo S.M. di LeucaIT266From Gallipoli to Otranto100.000
70.101.31 IT267From Castro Marina to P.S. CataldoIT268From S.F. Menedugno to Brindisi100.000
70.101.32 IT269From Brindisi to MonopoliIT270From Villanova to Bari 100.000
70.101.33 IT271From Torre a Mare to Barletta IT272From Barletta to Vieste 100.000
70.101.34 IT273From Vieste to Capoiale with the Tremiti IslandsIT274From Punta Pietre Nere to Punta Penna with the Tremiti Islands 100.000
70.101.35 IT275From Punta Penna to PescaraIT276From Ortona to the mouth of the River Tronto100.000
70.101.36 IT277From the mouth of the River Tronto to Porto RecanatiIT278From Porto Recanati to Senigallia100.000
70.101.37 IT279From Senigallia to RiminiIT280From Rimini to Porto Corsini100.000
70.101.38 IT281From Porto Corsini to Punta della MaestraIT282From Punta della Maestra to Porto di Piave Vecchia100.000
70.101.39 IT283From Porto di Malamocco to Lignano Sabbiadoro IT284From Lignano Sabbiadoro to Umago100.000
70.101.40 YU201From Trieste to Limski KanalCR201From Limski Kanal to Rabac with Medulinski Zaliv100.000
70.101.41 CR202From Pula to P.ta Crna with Lussino and Cherso NWCR203From Rijeka to Lukovo with Krk, Plavnik, Cres NE100.000
70.101.42 CR204From Rabac to Senj with Cherso and Veglia NordCR205From Senj to Jablanaz with Veglie S, Arbe, Pago N, Cherso S, Lussino100.000
70.101.43 CR206From Novalia to NovegradiCR207From Asinello Isle to Zadar100.000
70.101.44 CR208From Zadar to Pirovac with the Uglj, Iz, Pasman IslesCR209From Pirovac to Rogoznica100.000