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POWER SAVER switch mode multistage battery charger

Technical data: - 4-stage charge system (Booster / Bulk / Absorption / Float) for better operation of the battery. - Automatic selection of traditional/Gel/AGM batteries. - High efficiency (88%). - Insulated output terminals. - Protection against short circuit and polarity inversion. - Protection against power peaks and disturbances. - Protection against battery overload. - Extra-small aluminium case. - Possible manual boost and selection of charge/float voltage within the min/max parameters. - Charge stage level on built-in LED panel.

Codevolt - inputvolt - charge voltagevolt - float voltagehertzCharge max AOutputsOperating temperature
14.278.15220/24014,2/14,813,2/13,8601510° - 40°210x145x80 mm1,1
14.278.25220/24014,2/14,813,2/13,8602520° - 40°240x145x80 mm1,4
14.278.40220/24014,2/14,813,2/13,8604020° - 40°290x145x80 mm1,9

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