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Wide area charts 1:5.000.000 - 1:300.000 NAVIMAP overview

47.7x69.7-cm size. The maps are double-sided

CodeMap - SIDE 1Area - SIDE 1Map - SIDE 2Area - SIDE 2Scale
70.051.01INT001West Mediterranean Sea and Aegean SeaINT005Mari d'Italia4.622.641 (side 1); 2.250.000 (side 2)
70.051.02FR002From Barcelona to La Spezia with Corsica and North SardiniaIT003From Nice to Salerno with Elba, Corsica and North Sardinia1.000.000
70.051.03IT004From Capo d’Anzio to Reggio Calabria with East Sardinia and North SicilyIT005East Sicily, Puglia and Ionic Greece1.000.000
70.051.04IT006From Capo Rizzuto to Giulianova with Dubrovnik and CorfùIT007From Bari to Split with the Croatian Islands1.000.000