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Non reversible rotary steering system T 73

Designed for hulls up to 9/10 meters and speed up to 50 MPH. This system allows you to leave the steering wheel without having the propeller cause vibration to the hull.

CodeDescriptionM66 cable onlyCover - 90°Cover - 20°
45.073.00"T 73" control box only45.185.xx *45.055.0245.055.03
- 45.595.13; 45.595.14; 45.595.15; 45.595.16; 45.595.17; 45.595.18; 45.595.19 Engine side terminals and brackets for any kind of steering wheel from this catalogue (OPTION). * Pls refer to the detailed table at the end of the rotating system range to choose a cable of the right length.

Planetary gear design