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Adjustable sliding travellers suitable for hull awning sizes from 10 meters or higher

Made of anodized aluminium, fitted with stainless steel awning bracket and internal nylon slide, antifriction and noise-proof (track to be ordered separately).

CodeFoto ArticoloDescriptionPin / bore mm
46.672.01Fork bracket for 25x4-mm track (art. 61.591.01)6
46.672.02Fork bracket for 32x6-mm track (art. 61.591.02)8
46.672.03Bulkhead mount bracket for 25x4-mm track (art. 61.591.01)-
46.672.04Bulkhead mount bracket for 32x6-mm track (art. 61.591.02)-
46.672.05Fork fixed bracket for 25x4-mm track (art. 61.591.01)6
46.672.06SS fork fixed bracket for 32x6-mm track (art. 61.591.02)6

46.672.01 46.672.02 46.672.03