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PINK CROWN tableware series

A series of tableware made by Osculati, with unbreakable melamine. It is distinguished for the following features: 1) special dish shape designed to hold food - 2) exclusive color designes made by Osculati: designed with the winner of the round of the world Sayula 1974, showing the skipper; the racing score and the nationality. Very pleasant drawings, exclusive personalized tableware. The bright designs (red and black), brighten onboard tables - 3) English Melamine very shiny, does not yellowed over time very hygienic - 4) dishes are fitted into a special skin pack of six pieces.

48.421.00shallow plate, Ø cm 24
48.422.00Soup plate, Ø cm 20
48.423.00Dessert plate, Ø cm 20
48.424.00Mug with handle, Ø cm 8
48.425.00Salad or soup bowl, Ø cm 26
48.427.00Coffee cups with plate
48.428.00Breakfast mugs with plate

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