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WC VACUUM BLUE WAVE Elegant high model with Silent 80 dB pump

The new SILENT pump reduces drain noise to as low as 80 dB, the lowest level on the market. Control panel INCLUDED. Spray Nozzle fitting for fast and effective high-pressure washing of the whole toilet bowl.

CodeFoto ArticoloBackBoardVSelf-priming pump for water suction OPTIONALSolenoid valve * OPTIONAL
50.218.01straightDuroplast Softclose1216.193.12; 16.193.5050.203.10
50.218.02straightDuroplast Softclose2416.193.2450.203.11
50.218.03roundedDuroplast Softclose1216.193.12; 16.193.5050.203.10
50.218.04roundedDuroplast Softclose2416.193.2450.203.11
* Electrovalve to be placed between the loading pump and the toilet. When installing more than one toilet with a single pump, this valve also works as anti-siphon on the toilet loading system mounted under the sink. 16.525.12; 16.525.24 Self-priming pump for water intake. 50.207.39 Spare cover board made of Duroplast for 50.218.01; 50.218.02

50.218.03/04 50.218.03/04