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Climma marine air conditioners

Base and stainless steel parts to ensure a long lasting and high resistant; supplied with pre-charged mono-block with ecological refrigerant, which does not required any specific tool for installation; adjustable fan with air outflow horizontally or vertically, also suitable as air cooling systems or heaters, 220V.

Technical features
0Capacity Btu/h cooler modeCapacity Btu/h heater modeAbsorption cooler modeAbsorption heater modeAbsorption start modeNominal piping sectionAir capacity M^3Net weight kg
Version A9.0004.500 (electrical resistance)3,4 A5,6 A21 A100 mm/4"26026
Version B12.0004.500 (electrical resistance)3,4 A5,6 A20 A125 mm/5"36024
Version C16.00016.000 (cycle inversion)5,5 A6,6 A34 A150 mm/6"90040

CodeFoto ArticoloVersionProductComponents
50.241.50A;B;CSea water accessory kitSea pump 120 W, thru hull scoop strainer 1/2”, chromed sea drain 1/2”, tap, filtrer 1/2”
50.241.20AAir first outlet accessory kitSuction grid (244x244 mm), pipe 6 m, Ø 100 mm), fitting Ø 100 mm, plenum, delivery grid 200x76)
50.241.25AAir second outlet accessory kit (optional, addition to 50.241.20)3-way fitting (100x100x100 mm), sealable vent Ø 100 mm
50.241.09AMain unit kitconditioner + control panel
50.241.40BAir first outlet accessory kitSuction grid (244x244 mm), pipe 6 m, Ø 125 mm), fitting Ø 125 mm, plenum, delivery grid 300x112)
50.241.45BAir second outlet accessory kit (optional, addition to 50.241.25)3-way fitting (125x125x100 mm), sealable vent Ø 100 mm, pipe (6 m, Ø 100 mm)
50.241.12BMain unit kitconditioner + control panel
50.241.55C2-outlet air accessory kit (standard for 50.241.16)Suction grid (354x252 mm), pipe (6 m, Ø 150 mm), 3-way fitting (150x125x125 mm), pipe (6 m, Ø 125 mm), 2 fittings Ø 125 mm, 2 plenum, 2 delivery grids (302x100 mm)
50.241.16CMain unit kitconditioner + control panel

50.241.09 50.241.09 50.241.12




50.241.50 (drain plug, pump, filter, thru-hull plug, tap)

50.241.20/40 (suction, pipe, fitting, plenum, delivery)

50.241.55 (suction, 3-way fitting, pipe, fitting, plenum, delivery)

50.241.25/45 (3-way fitting, closing plug, pipe)