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Isotherm stainless steel fridge

Complete with a flush-mount stainless steel flange, it allows installation of the door with a flush appearance. Closure by means of a flush snap lock. CR220 model: 130-l front door upper unit + 90-l front door lower freezer unit. CR260 model: 130-l front door hybrid upper unit + 130-l drawer unit (with 9.8-l freezer compartment).

CodeNewArticoloFoto ArticoloModelVolumeVConsumption - L - P - H
50.827.01 CR49 SS49 l12/240,6/2,7 A400 mm510 mm530 mm
50.827.02 CR65 SS65 l12/240,6/2,7 A470 mm540 mm530 mm
50.827.03 CR85 SS85 l12/240,8/4 A495 mm555 mm625 mm
50.827.04 * CR130 SS130 l12/241,2/5 A545 mm545 mm755 mm
50.827.05 ** CR195 SS130+65 l12/242,3/6,2 A545 mm580 mm1345 mm
50.827.07 ** CR200 SS150+50 l12/242,3/6 A735 mm620 mm880 mm
50.827.13 * CR90 FREEZER SS90 l12/241,9,/5 A545 mm545 mm755 mm
50.827.14 * CR130 DRINK SS130 l12/241,4/5,2 A545 mm545 mm755 mm
50.827.15CR260 SS130+130 l12/242/4 A545 mm565 mm1538 mm
50.827.16CR220 SS130+90 l12/242/4 A545 mm565 mm1538 mm
* Same look, they match perfectly, 50.827.14 without freezer compartment

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