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ISOTHERM fridge with Secop hermetic compressor, no maintenance required

Fitted with electronic control that turns off the fridge when the voltage goes under 10.4 volts and when starts up again goes up to 11.7 volt (adjustable values respectively up to 9,6 and 10,9 volt). Rotation speed of 2000-2500-3000 RPM adjusted according to the cooling volume, ISOTHERM fridges are available upon request (delivery times of 15/30 days) fitted with Danfoss control unit with automatic commutation AC/DC 12/24 V - 115/230 V (request for respective quotation).

CodeFoto ArticoloModelVolumeVEnergy consumption (W/24h)Eutectic plate cool accumulationCompressorCompartment - width - depth - height
  CR42/S42 l12/24275 AnoRemote-controlledSingle38 cm47,5/31** cm52,5 cm16
  CR42 VB***42 l12/24275 AnoRemote-controlledSingle38 cm47,5/31** cm52,5 cm17
  CR42/V42 l12/24275 AnoRemote-controlledSingle38 cm45,2 cm52 cm13,5
  CR42EN42 l12/24275 AyesRemote-controlledSingle38 cm47,5/31** cm53 cm17
  CR4949 l12/24280 AnoBuilt-inSingle38 cm47* cm52,5 cm17
  CR49 VB***49 l12/24280 AnoBuilt-inSingle38 cm47* cm52,5 cm17
  CR49EN *****49 l12/24280 AyesBuilt-inSingle38 cm47* cm52,5 cm18
  CR5042 l12/24280 AnoRemote-controlledSingle41 cm47/36** cm54 cm17
  CR6565 l12/24290 AnoBuilt-inSingle45 cm50* cm53 cm18
  CR65EN *****65 l12/24290 AyesBuilt-inSingle45 cm50* cm53 cm19
50.837.01CR9070+20 l12/24550 AnoBuilt-inSingle47,5 cm42,5 cm85 cm28
  CR8585 l12/24380 AnoBuilt-inSingle47,5 cm51,5* cm62,5 cm23
  CR85EN *****85 l12/24380 AyesBuilt-inSingle47,5 cm51,5* cm62,5 cm24
  CR100100 l12/24400 AnoBuilt-inSingle48,5 cm45,5* cm74,5 cm26
  CR100EN *****100 l12/24400 AyesBuilt-inSingle48,5 cm45,5* cm74,5 cm27
50.838.01CR165125+40 l12/24600 AnoBuilt-inDual50 cm52 cm122 cm45
  CR130130 l12/24440 AnoBuilt-inSingle52,5 cm51* cm74,5 cm27
  CR130EN *****130 l12/24440 AyesBuilt-inSingle52,5 cm51* cm74,5 cm28
50.838.03CR271218+53 l12/24700 AnoBuilt-inDual55 cm52 cm166 cm52
* The depth cited excludes the door and handle (± 40 mm)

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